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Bullhorns & Bullseyes Podcast

With Tom Nixon & Curtis Hays

Co-hosted by Curtis Hays and Tom Nixon, Bullhorns and Bullseyes explores a broad range of marketing and advertising strategies. From the art of broadcasting compelling stories and thought leadership in order to grow an audience (Bullhorns) to the science of micro-targeting and retargeting highly specific individuals and buyer personas through advanced digital marketing (Bullseyes), we explore the present and future with a curious eye and honest analysis. Join the community today to help us on our mission to close the loop between marketing activity and client/customer acquisition.

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Bb Epis30 Daigger

Episode 30: Budgeting for a Website,

Curtis and Tom are pleased to welcome Scott Daigger to the podcast to address a much-debated and oft-considered dilemma: What should the budget be for my new website?

Bb Epis29 Curtistom

Episode 29: Exploring the Sales Funnel

Tom Nixon and Curtis Hays discuss the sales funnel and the importance of understanding where prospects are in their buyer's journey.

Bb Epis28 Simon

Episode 28: Going Back to School on Sales

Kate Simon, the director of coaching at Glover U, joins the podcast to retell her remarkable story, from sales intern to sales mastery with Glover Agency.

Bb Epis27 Tear

Episode 27: Coaching Sales for Wins

Tom and Curtis welcome Dave Tear, owner of Sales Coaches’ Corner, to the podcast to discuss the changing landscape of sales and the importance of having a selling system.

Brenda Meller

Episode 26: Brand Advocacy & Employee Activation on LinkedIn

Tom and Curtis are pleased to welcome Brenda Meller, an expert LinkedIn coach, to the podcast to discuss strategies for using LinkedIn effectively.

Tricia Meyer

Episode 25: Sales Contracts (and more)

Tom and Curtis are joined by Tricia Meyer, founder and managing attorney at Meyer Law, which provides insights on the different types of contracts and their significance in protecting both parties.

Jigar Navadiya

Bonus: Building a Data & AI Company - A Founders Journey

This week we’re publishing a “bonus episode,” an interview with Jigar Navadiya, co-founder of DataSlush. Jigar’s company is a pioneering research-based organization dedicated to helping companies unlock the hidden potential within their data.

Nick Swan

Episode 24: Advanced SEO with Nick Swan

Curtis and Tom interview Nick Swan, the founder of ⁠⁠, about the state of SEO in 2024 and the importance of tracking and analyzing website user data.

Nikki Little

Episode 23: The Power of Integrated Marketing, with Nikki Little

Building off last week’s mention of “The PESO Model,” Tom and Curtis discuss the power and benefit of integrated communications with Nikki Little, Senior Vice President at Franco.

Cory Lindholm

Episode 22: Google Ads in B2B, with Cory Lindholm

Curtis and Tom interview Cory Lindholm, a paid advertising expert, about the role of Google advertising in B2B marketing.

Jeff Large

Episode 21: Podcasting Production & Promotion

Tom (especially) and Curtis are thrilled to welcome guest Jeff Large, CEO and founder of Come Alive Creative to the podcast to talk about….what else? — podcasting!

Bb Epis20 Tom Curtis

Episode 20: Tricks of Trade

In this very special episode of Bullhorns and Bullseyes, Curtis and Tom take turns sharing their personal “secrets” of their own particular crafts — Tom in content development and Curtis in lead-gen and analytics.

Lindsay Mullen

Episode 19: Marketing for Nonprofits

Tom and Curtis are joined by Lindsay Mullen from Prosper Strategies to discuss the unique challenges and strategies of working with nonprofits.

Bb Epis18 Bean

Episode 18: Understanding Behaviors of the Target Customer

Curtis Hays and Tom Nixon interview Terry Bean about the concept of behavior and its various applications to marketing and messaging.

Bb Epis17 Blakely

Episode 17: Customer Referrals & Testimonials

Michelle Blakely, a small business coach and expert in referral marketing, shares her insights on the secrets to asking for referrals and testimonials, including making it easy for customers.

Bb Epis16 Gaskill Dubach

Episode 16: What Is Your Data Telling You? (Or Not?)

This week, the guys shift their focus from storytelling to data — welcoming data experts Mark Gaskill and Chris DuBach of the Michigan-based omni-channel marketing agency Phoenix Innovate.

Josh Donnelly Episode 15

Episode 15:
What Is Funnel-Driven Storytelling?

Josh Donnelly, founder of Donco Marketing, demonstrates how storytelling can be used to guide users through the marketing funnel and create a more intentional user experience.

Alan Borman Episode 14

Episode 14:
Video Marketing -
Value vs. Volume

Tom & Curtis are joined by Alan Borman, a video producer & content marketer, to discuss the importance of video in the modern marketing landscape.

Episode 13

Episode 13:
A Podcast About Podcasting

Tom & Curtis "go meta" one more time, as they’ve devoted a whole podcast to talk about the art, science & business case for podcasting.

Episode 12

Episode 12: What is Marketing Attribution?

Tom and Curtis discuss the topic of marketing attribution, the methodology of attributing a purchase or lead to its source in a marketing campaign.

Dan Corcoran Episode 11

Episode 11: The Art & Science of Effective Design

Tom and Curtis are joined by Dan Corcoran, an expert in UI and UX design, to discuss the importance of graphic design in their work and how it intersects with analytics and user-centric design.

Katie Decker Episode 10

Episode 10:
Into the Metaverse

Katie Decker, an expert in Facebook advertising, joins Curtis and Tom to discuss the misconception that “businesses have no business conducting business” on Facebook, and lays out some tips and best practices for doing it right.

Episode 9

Episode 9:
For All Intents & Purposes

Unlock the power of "why" in content development and SEO as Tom and Curtis delve into messaging hierarchies and search intent.

Jay Harrington

Episode 8:
Mastering LinkedIn

In this podcast crossover event, Tom & Jay also separately co-host the Thought Leadership Project podcast, Curtis & they discuss tips for publishing thought leadership & content marketing on LinkedIn.

Curtis Stefanie Hays

Episode 7: The Entrepreneur's Journey

A familiar face and name joins the podcast this week, as Stefanie Hays (Curtis's better half) joins the show to share her journey as an "accidental" entrepreneur.

Matt Loria Podcast

Episode 6: Cybersecurity + Marketing

Matt Loria, CEO of Auxiom, discusses the growing importance of cybersecurity and the various types of cyber attacks that businesses face.

Aimee Schuster Episode 5

Episode 5: Aligning Sales and Marketing

Fractional CMO, author and frequent podcast interviewee Aimee Schuster joins our pod to break down her view of what ails many sales and marketing departments in organizations today.

Tom Nixon Curtis Hays

Episode 4: Going Meta on Bullhorns & Bullseyes

In a very "meta" episode, Curtis and Tom discuss the meaning behind "Bullhorns and Bullseyes." What are some examples of "bullhorn" tactics, and what are some examples of "bullseye" methodologies?

Mario Daquila 3

Episode 3: Closing the Loop Between Sales & Marketing

Curtis and Tom are once again joined by Mario D'Aquila, Chief Operating Officer of Assisted Living Services, for Part Three of our multi-chapter success story.

Mario Daquila 2

Episode 2: Systemizing Sales & Marketing

Curtis and Tom are rejoined by guest Mario D'Aquila, Chief Operating Officer of Assisted Living Services, for Part Two of our multi-chapter success story.

Mario Daquila 1

Episode 1: Trial & Error and Investing in Success

Curtis and Tom are joined for Part One of a multi-chapter success story by guest Mario D'Aquila, Chief Operating Officer of Assisted Living Services, Inc. in Cheshire, Connecticut.

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